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International Movement


International Movement
«Culture and Peace are the most sacred goal of humanity! In the days of great unrest, both material and spiritual, the disturbed spirit yearns for these radiant strongholds.

But our union in the name of these regenerating conceptions should not be an abstract one. In accordance with our abilities, each one in his own field, should infuse them into the actual surrounding life, as most necessary and undeferrable. From Temples, shrines of spirit, from all light-imparting centers, should ceaselessly thunder the world-wide call.

By untiringly unfurling everywhere the Banner of Peace. Let us also affirm the World-Day of Culture, when simultaneously in all churches, all schools and all educational institutions, the world will be reminded of the true treasures of humanity, of creative heroic enthusiasm, of improvement and enhancement of life.»

N.Roerich. 1931


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The signature collection
Everyone has opportunity to support the action for the Affirmation of the 15th of April as the Universal Day of Culture under the Banner of Peace and take part in the internet voting on the site. Your voice will be considered in UNESCO.

Petitioning V.V. Putin
V.V. Putin: Do not allow the destruction of the public Museum named after N.K. Roerich!

The Union of Baltic Cities

The Union of Baltic Cities supports establishment of the Universal Day of Culture

Banner of Peace and Pax Cultura in Vilnius 2011, Lithuania
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The organizing committee
119313, Russia, Moscow,
the Lenin prospectus,
the house 90, office 211