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Protect it!

L.N.Tolstoy's memorial estate «Clear Glade»
L.N.Tolstoy's memorial estate «Clear Glade»
A.S.Pushkin's Manor "Mihajlovsky"
A.S.Pushkin's Manor

Protect it!
The British radio broadcasts news from Moscow about the destruction of "Yasnaya Polyana" by Germans and defilement of Tolstoy's grave. The monument to Chehov got destroyed, too.

It is such a savagery! These are Schiller and Goethe's great-grandsons, who violated Tolstoy's tomb! How many millions of years must the long suffered Earth spin in order to put an end to human savagery!

Any savagery is unacceptable. Let us remember the sorrowful lines of M.Shaginyan in "Izvestiya" newspaper about the devastation of Lermontov's manor and his tomb defilement. Whom was it done by?

By our neighbors, really! We remember the time Bashkirian regiment tried to protect the Pushkin's heritage, but whom from? From our people, the Russians!

«I searched for the wild man in Central Asia, but found him in my neighborhood, in Smolensk province», wrote Prizhevalsky. Such things should be stopped.

Reims Cathedral
Reims Cathedral

When Germans destroyed the Rejmssky Cathedral and burnt out Luvensky library, their acts of vandalism caused general indignation. Our friend Armand Dajo published an outstanding synodic of barbarous destructions.

Wrong deeds are wrong and can not be justified. The destruction of the Ieper is wrong. The destruction of the Simonovsky Monastery, the place visited by the Preceptor of the Russian people - Sergy Radonezhsky, is wrong.

The destruction of the temple of the Christ the Savior, a monument of a Patriotic War of 1812, is wrong. The destruction of an orthodox Cathedral in Warsaw is wrong. Whatever bad has happened on the face of the Earth shouldn't happen again!

Russian people being the successors of the glorious future must act to protect Culture. Napoleonic cavalry held horses in Moscow temples, what a disgrace! A mosque in Cairo still has one Napoleonic cannon ball deeply embedded in its wall, it is a constant reminder to the living and it is talked about with indignation. The devastation of the Academy of Arts is equally vile, whether it is done by the Russian vandal Maslov or the German fon Schunz.

Nowadays, Russia is acquiring its national heroes. They will always remember that a true hero must protect the Culture, too. Neither Suvorov, nor Kutuzov ever allowed any barbarous acts. The bright future of the victorious Russian people is great!

December 17, 1941
N.Roerich Dairy Leaves
Moscow, ICR, 1995, vol.1


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.: The sacred sign of peace N.Roerich, Hymalayas, 1932
The Fairy Stronghold, The Stratford Company, Boston 1933




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Petitioning V.V. Putin
V.V. Putin: Do not allow the destruction of the public Museum named after N.K. Roerich!

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The Union of Baltic Cities supports establishment of the Universal Day of Culture

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