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Banner of Peace

Madonna Oriflamma 1932
Madonna Oriflamma 1932

«. Ideas do not die, sometimes they doze, but when awakened, they are stronger than ever». The Banner of Peace has not died. It has rolled up, while a savage war is in progress. The time will come and deliberate actions will be taken in protection of cultural values, the true basis of the world. The Banner of Peace trills not only about cultural values, but about human heart, about that great treasure where the renovated future is being created. Human heart is desperate for peace, and perhaps, this peace is already coming.

Let's look through the literature about the Banner of Peace, the treaty of protection of cultural values. It's a whole library, there are more than three hundred books, brochures, articles in different languages. And so many references in other books, essays, speeches! Such noble, unforgettable thoughts are expressed in these appeals and statements. I look at a photo of our conferences in Brugge and Washington. Such meetings never vanish into thin air.

«Oriflamme» has been carried all over the world. Seeds of calls are securely stored in libraries. This message will be required soon. People will review the past achievements and will supplement them with maximum effort. Ideas live! The Banner of Peace will spread!»

N.Roerich, 1944


Section themes

.: Red Cross of Culture. N.Roerich, Fiery Stronghold
The Stratford Company, Boston 1933

.: The Banner. N.Roerich The Invincible, Nicholas Roerich Museum, NY 1974




The signature collection
Everyone has opportunity to support the action for the Affirmation of the 15th of April as the Universal Day of Culture under the Banner of Peace and take part in the internet voting on the site. Your voice will be considered in UNESCO.

Petitioning V.V. Putin
V.V. Putin: Do not allow the destruction of the public Museum named after N.K. Roerich!

The Union of Baltic Cities

The Union of Baltic Cities supports establishment of the Universal Day of Culture

Banner of Peace and Pax Cultura in Vilnius 2011, Lithuania
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The organizing committee
119313, Russia, Moscow,
the Lenin prospectus,
the house 90, office 211